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Robert Houston Law is an intellectual property firm with expertise in all areas of IP law, passionately focused on our clients. Our firm’s distinct ability to excel in each area of specialization – litigation, patent and trademark prosecution, intellectual property portfolio development and business transactions – sets us apart. Using innovative approaches to solving problems and delivering outstanding results, we focus on providing clients significant value by helping them protect their intellectual property.

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Trademark Law

A trademark indicates to the buying public who is the source of the product or service and distinguishes you in the marketplace.

Trade Secrets

Some formula, practice, design, instrument, or compilation of information (1) not generally known (2) or easy to obtain (3), that gives a company a sustainable completive advantage.

Utility Patents

A utility patent is granted to new and useful inventions. It can protect how a new machine, chemical or process works.

Design Patents

A design patent gives its owner a 14-year monopoly in the appearance of an article of manufacture.  That is, a design patent protects the distinctive way a functional item looks.

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I made the mistake of registering a trademark just using Legal Zoom only to have a large company come after me. Thankfully I used Robert Houston Law to answer questions before making that same mistake again. Protect yourself and your intellectual property.

Eddie Renz


I have known Attorney Robert Houston for over ten years. Attorney Houston is known by his peers to demonstrate the very highest professional standards in Patent Prosecution, Trademarks, and intellectual property consulting. Attorney Houston has represented and secured patents for both solo inventors to telecoms innovators known throughout the globe. A Patent is only as good as the practitioner that represents you. At Houston Law, you can be assured of an exceptional product.

Tony Lacasse

Tony LaCasse


Robert is a superb in-house patent attorney.  He artfully combines a phenomenal technical background with strong legal knowledge to provide practical and cost-effective guidance to his clients in a wide variety of intellectual property matters.

Bill Naifeh

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We serve companies around the world across a wide range of industries including electronics, communications, consumer goods, medical devices, e-commerce, biotechnology, networking, life sciences and beyond.

At Robert Houston Law we work with all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation. We believe in the value of diversity and working together with all people to create a better world.

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